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Beauty Costs!

But its well worth it when you get a full package without any add on items such as tooth-brushing, bows, bandanas and nail grinding - these are included in your package! Not to mention, you dont have to leave your house, and your pet gets to feel at ease knowing that home is only a few feet away.  In our grooming unit, your pet will be able to look out the window to see their home only a few feet away, easing any anxiety your pet may have. Have a big, older dog who cant climb or stand  very well? Dont worry, with our hydrolic tub and hydrolic grooming table, your pet is doing the least work and will feel comfortable while being cleaned and cut. 

­­­­­­­­Payments accepted
Credit Card ( Visa, Mastercard,American Express, Discover, JCB) 
Check ( written out to Pink Poochies)
If you are not available to pay at time of payment, an invoice can be sent to you for you to pay online, using credit/debit card