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Shelby, Certified Pet Stylist

The Owner of Pink Poochies, Shelby, has 13 years of experience in grooming.  She has a Bachelors in Biology, a Registered Animal Technician, Certified Animal Care Technician for Laboratory Care, and Certified Animal Care Technician.
Her passion for animals led her to the dedication of building a mobile dog grooming business where NO animal will be harmed or scared under her and her employees watch. She has created Pink Poochies Pet Salon for the sole purpose to educate pet owners, and care for their pets who may or may not have any disabilities.
Her sole promise is:

" Your pet will never be uncomfortable or mistreated nor will they be under any stress that may lead to anxiety or discomfort. Your pet will be treated as our own and your fury friend will not nor never associate fear and stress with Pink Poochies. You have my word. "

Shelby specializes in scissor cuts and pets with 
disabilities or behavior issues. 

Victoria Rodarte,Certified Pet Stylist

Victoria has 9 years of certified pet stylist under her belt.   She has held a managetarial position for 4 years in the dog grooming profession before she decided to convert into the mobile grooming world! Pictures of her work clearly shows her ability to do scissor cuts such as for Goldendoodles,Bichons, and Poodles.  Her patients and passion  for all animals led her to the perfect position at Pink Poochies!  She is a versatile groomer, with expertise in various of cuts that will go beyond your expectations.  She is very eager to meet your fur baby and to make them feel at ease while being pampered.

    "Knowledge is something I want to give all Pet owners, and love and tender care is what I WILL give to all their pets"  

Rain Rodriguez, Professional Pet Stylist

Rain has been a certified pet stylist for 5 years. She has worked in the animal field for over 15 years, earning  a Veterinarian Technician Certificate as she worked beside multiple Veterinarians.  She has taken care of and raised exotic animals before she fell into the grooming world.  She loves to educate pet owners on ways to take care and maintain their bestfriends coats. Rain enjoys fostering baby Bangle Tigers. With her expertise in handling and pampering different behaviors of  our four legged friends, she has became a great asset to the Pink Poochies family!

" They might only be here a part of our lives, but to them you are their whole life, and as a promise to pet owners would be to follow that saying by providing as much of a stress free environment for them so they can be happy in every aspect of their life, including spa day!"