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Rebekah is a singer from New York with a beautiful voice that calms all the anxieties of our four legged friend. Your pet will love her voice as she sings to them while she is making your fur baby beautiful again. With her 3 years experience in styling a variety of breeds, you will be completely thrilled and happy with her service. 
­­She specializes in all the Doodle grooms- from Labradoodle to Goldendoodle. Her passion in animals led her to be a TOP GROOMER at Pink Poochies! 

Shelby, Owner

The Owner of Pink Poochies, Shelby, has 13 years of experience in grooming.  She has a Bachelors in Biology, a Registered Animal Technician, Certified Animal Care Technician for Laboratory Care, and Certified Animal Care Technician.

Her passion for animals led her to the dedication of building a mobile dog grooming business where NO animal will be harmed or scared under her and her employees watch. She has created Pink Poochies Pet Salon for the sole purpose to educate pet owners, and care for their pets who may or may not have any disabilities.

Her sole promise is

" Your pet will never be uncomfortable or mistreated nor will they be under any stress that may lead to anxiety or discomfort. Your pet will be treated as our own and your fury friend will not nor never associate fear and stress with Pink Poochies. You have my word. "

Shelby specializes in scissor cuts and pets with 

disabilities or behavior issues.